Trick Eye Museum


de Mata

Last week, My family and I went to Jogja to attended my friend wedding party. Besides that, I also join Rasch Workshop at FMIPA UNY, this workshop is suddenly held when the expert come in Jogja. But in this posting, i’ll tell about the journey after the workshop and the wedding party 😛 hoho…

After attended the wedding party, we went to Gembira Loka Zoo and De Mata trick eye museum. At Zoo absolutely we look some animals and Fia trying to ride an elephant.

De Mata trick eye museum? What it is? First time I know from Whatsapp group, my friend posted the unique photos, then I look at facebook, my lecturer posted many photos with background that I never seen before. I tell to my husband, and he also interested to the photo. So, we are going into that place.

De Mata trick eye museum located at XT square Jogjakarta. Where is XT square? yeaa i guess it abbreviated from eX Terminal! hahahahaha… yea XT Square located at ex terminal umbulharjo. At there, a lot of interesting 3D picture taped in the wall, and we can take a photo freely. Free style I mean, cause we must pay Rp. 35.000,- for the ticket. This is our photo’s… enjoy it!


Looks like at Holland? I think it’s visualization for me and Fia before we go to Holland someday. Amin.


jembatan angkringan


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