I/O Psychologist? Yes I am!

IO psychologist


I/O Psychology is one of field in Psychology that applied into workplace. Experts in I/O psychology called I/O psychologist. They concerned to applying psychology to the workforce to improve employee attitude and behavior and help to earn the organization’s effectiveness. For me, knowledge about I/O psychology is very interesting, because industry without employee is impossible, so how to attract, retain, and maximizing potency of employee is important.

My journey to learn about I/O psychology begin from undergraduate, but I began to fall in love with this subject after I graduated from Faculty Psychology Gadjah Mada University and work for a national company which has a manufacture & retail business of apparel. Then I continued my study into master programme and professional program at the same university. Actually being an I/O psychologist is not only scientist but also practitioner in the same time. I ever work in national mining company when I doing an internship for the professional psychologist, and it’s a valuable experience for my career now. Being lecturer is my current job. Sharing knowledge and experience is a enjoyable activity. But, sometime i found the student who still confuse with their research theme.

Through this blog, I’ll share about several issue in I/O psychology. If you still confuse with theme for your “skripsi”, maybe you must read this first. Here I write about several theme in I/O psychology that i read from European Association of Work and Organizational Psychology. 

Actually in I/O Psychology we can spread into two branch, i.e. Industrial psychology and Organiational psychology. Industrial psychology is concerned with molecular issue while Organizational Psychology takes a molar approach. This table will describe it:

I O psych table

From this table we can see that many branches studied in I/O Psychology, so you can choose a theme for your thesis for those table. If you want a specific theme, maybe this site is recomended for you. Happy writing!


Picture, table and information gathering from :






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