by. Unika Prihatsanti, S.Psi, MA; Kartika Sari Dewi, M.Psi; Ika Zenita Ratnaningsih, M.Psi
Presented on Padjajaran International Conference Psychology – 23 Oct 2011.

Background : The development of new era and competitive job requires individual as worker to have a positive view in order to survive in unfavorable conditions. One of the implementation of positive psychology in I/O is Psychological Capital. Psychological capital is a psychological state that consists of several components, namely optimism, hope, resilience and self-efficacy. This paper aims to contribute thoughts on the role of family support to develop psychological capital on working women.
Methods : Previous researches showed that psychological capital can increase positive work attitude, such as job performance, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and organizational citizenship behavior. Moreover, psychological capital also could reduce absenteism.
Discussion & Conclusion : Women workers have the dual roles in work and family.. Moreover, family support will help women worker to empower psychological capital so they can survive in the workplace.

Keywords : Psychological Capital, Family Support, Women worker

Posted in: psy

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